Powerful kensai warrior who took an oath to see the slaves of Ostrav set free.


Enduar wears full plate armor with a helm, and wields a great-sword “Simanis” (elvish for Northern Dawn).


Little is known to the party of the life of the kensai Enduar. He first came into relevance when busting out Zekthal and his fellow slaves from East Point, a labor camp on the eastern border of the wastes. After freeing them, seeing something special in Zek, he asked the orc to follow him for a short while, in hopes that he could convince him of the ways of the kensai, and he did. After months of training, mainly in combat tactics and intelligence in battle, Enduar and Zek parted ways each following their oaths to freedom.

What little time they spent together Zekthal learned that Enduar hailed from the port city of Rempeln. Raised in a middle class family, his father a guard for the cities elite and aristocratic populace (of which there were many) concepts of honor, bravery, courage, and a respect for order were donned on him as a child. Turning of age, he enrolled himself to become an “Honor Youth” (glorified boy scout). Enduar quickly stood out for his many proficiencies of which leadership was at the forefront. Years later he was asked to join the guard, the same unit his father had served in (who was now retired). After years of service, his father passing from age, Enduar began to yearn for exploration and so, he quit the guard, sold nearly everything he had, and set out to see the world. Enduar since childhood had a fascination with elves, of which no one had seen in centuries. His travels to the south western part of the continent brought him to the very woods the elves were said to live, but none were to be found. Turning back and half way to the wastes Enduar encountered his first labor camp. It sickened him to see people, orc, ogre or not, being forced into slavery. He made an oath to himself to see the world a changed place.

Enduar traveled back to Heirduin where he requested audience with the Baron. His years in the guard scored him his chance, and he asked the baron to abolish slavery in his lands as a start to a movement. The baron of course laughed in his face, and jokingly refered to him as a “kensai” with some silly oath. Off-put Enduar left his chamber and sought out an answer to what a “kensai” was. Learning of their abilities in local archives, Enduar set out once again on his personal journey to become a kensai, and to one by one free the slaves of Ostrav.


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