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  • Human

    * Playable race.
    * Most populous race given the location for the game.
    * Human cities are mostly on the coast, trading with far away places.
    * Humans are also a major faction at the rest stops, this is mainly due the exploratory nature …

  • Enduar

    p. Little is known to the party of the life of the kensai Enduar. He first came into relevance when busting out "Zekthal":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/vesmir/characters/zekthal-siegebreaker and his fellow slaves from "East Point":http://www. …

  • Kain

    Forthcoming when everyone posts their character's names so I can get the story right and link to their profiles. Till then the religious zealot on the metro possibly bent on becoming a deity or immortal himself!

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