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  • Dwarf

    * Not a playable race.
    * Live primarily in the Flaming Mountains.
    * Symbiotic relationship with [[Gnome | gnomes]].
    * Constantly at war with [[Kobolds | Kobolds]] and [[Goblins | Goblins]].
    * Best metal smiths.

  • ThriKreen

    * Non-playable race.
    * Insect/Mantis race of Desert people
    * Live in the [[Wasteland | waste]]
    * Able communicate [[Psionics | telepathically]], this allows them to travel out of sight of their caravans when raiding.
    * No one is …

  • Gnome

    Not a playable race.
    Live primarily in the [[Flaming Mountains | Flaming Mountains]].
    Symbiotic relationship with the [[Dwarf | Dwarves]].
    Best inventors, or at least seem to be. This may be due to their affinity for illusion [[Magic …

  • Elf

    * Not a playable race.
    * Have not been seen by a non-halfling in living memory.
    * Trade with them occurs ONLY via [[Halfling | halflings]].

  • Giant

    * Not a playable race.
    * Live mainly across the [[Sea of Emnity | Sea of Emnity]].
    * A few live amongst [[Human | humans ]] in the port cities.
    * Very long lifespans.
    * View other races as "lesser" and "weak".
    * Still …

  • Kobolds

    Small race related to [[dragons]]. Rival gnomes in terms of ingenuity, but specialize in traps. Primarily live in the [[Flaming Mountains | Flaming Mountains ]] where they work with the [[Goblins | goblins ]] in their constant war with the [[Dwarf | …

  • Goblins

    Short lived, fast breeding race. Lives primarily in the [[Flaming Mountains | Flaming Mountains]], where they work with [[Kobolds | Kobolds]] in a constant war with the [[Dwarf | dwarves]] and [[Gnome | gnomes]]. Not a playable race.

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