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  • Human

    * Playable race.
    * Most populous race given the location for the game.
    * Human cities are mostly on the coast, trading with far away places.
    * Humans are also a major faction at the rest stops, this is mainly due the exploratory nature …

  • Orc

    * Playable race.
    * Predominantly used for slave labor.
    * Stupid, but strong and durable, so used as pack animal by some poor.
    * They do display magic prowess at times, but it is more rare than the other races. When it manifests itself, …

  • Halfling

    * Playable race.
    * SR against all spells, even friendly.
    * The "traders" of the world.
    * Most grow to become [[worm riders | worm riders]], allowing them to protect caravans from attacking thri-kreen.
    After many years as a caravan …

  • Bhukas

    * Playable race.
    * Appear similar to [[Goblins | Goblins]].
    * Primative technology.
    * Tribal culture.
    * Live in secluded areas in each of the [[rest stops | rest stops]].
    * Often used by [[Halfling | Halflings]] to find water …

  • Anuraian

    The Anuraian is a race of frog like people who originated in the Berling Swamp. A noble race, they were forced to go to war with the trolls centuries ago. After an extended bloody war, they finally came to an uneasy truce. To this day, there is a cold …

  • trolls

    The trolls are a race of humanoids who are slightly greenish in color are currently in an uneasy ceasefire with the [[Anuraian | anuraians]] in the [[Berling Swamp | Berling Swamp]]. They are militarily anti-religion (note, they believe that the "God" of …

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