The Anuraian is a race of frog like people who originated in the Berling Swamp. A noble race, they were forced to go to war with the trolls centuries ago. After an extended bloody war, they finally came to an uneasy truce. To this day, there is a cold war that goes on between the two races.

The Anuraians are a religious people, sometimes causes problems in the other race’s cities and towns. However, due to their belief that good should be spread at all costs, they will undertake great risks to help those who need it.

This attitude has resulted in them being accepted in all cities, and the people and governments view them as slightly off kilter, but welcome due to their kindness and noble nature.

They are a playable race.

Anuraian Stats:
+2 con, -2 int
Low Light Vision
Medium Size
Always Good, Usually Lawful
+4 Racial Bonus on Swim and Climb checks
Weapon Familiarity Net (Counts as martial weapon)
Bonus Feat: Weapon Proficiency Trident
Favored Class – Paladin


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