Character Creation

Stats will be created by player choice of either a 30-point point buy, or rolling 4d6 (drop lowest) 7 times (drop lowest). There will be no “do overs” unless I deem it necessary (this especially goes for you Steve…).

HP at first level is max of your biggest HD + con modifier.

Characters will be 1st level gestalt.

Classes not allowed – druid. Pretty much all other base classes from offical WoTC books (non-campaign world specific, ie – no faerun/eberron crap) are allowed (as long as someone in the group owns a hard copy). Magic users, please check the wiki page on magic.

Gear – Starting gear will be assigned by me.

Background – Characters will need to have a somewhat developed back story. They all originate in Tulufan (or at least, originate from there at the time of the beginning of the campaign). All characters must have some sort of “connection” to at least 2 other characters, and these connections must span the entire group (I don’t want 2 sets of 3 characters). Also, I want players to come up with an over arching goal for their characters.

Alignment – Characters must be either “good” or “neutral leaning towards good”. I’d rather avoid players acting like Glim.

Races – the wiki has a list of races allowed to be played. Also, certain race/class combos are not allowed (mainly halfling and any caster).

Website usage – all character stats must be kept up to date on this website. If you as a player do not wish to do this, I will do it for you. This will remove the problem of missing/shredded/forgotten character sheets, as well as allow me to keep track of character stats. If for some reason you wish other players to not be able to see your stats, that is fine, just let me know and I will enter the information in the “gm only” area.

Character Creation

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