"George's" Journal


I made it to town last night, I think I’m in Tulufan now but I’m not entirely sure; all the days seem to blend together lately. I might have finally made progress on new recruits for the war. After finally convincing Shelly that his, her, or it’s god was not worth it and therefore I did not want the word of their god spread to me, I went to bed. The next morning I was rudely awoken by some screams coming from Shelly’s room. I got dressed and came outside to find some human talking about crusades and crap and an orc. The human rubbed me the wrong way talking about some dude named Bob; I imagine this guy and Shelly would get along great spreading their word together. Anyway, back to my point. I was talking to these two guys and they said they were interested in battle. The human, who I think said his name was Kain, said they’d join me in my battle if I helped them kill some ants. Not sure why they need help killing ants but whatever, what’s a few bugs?

Bugs…I don’t like Bugs

So after talking with Kain and Zek I went with them to some wierd place with glowing mushrooms. It was pretty creepy. We couldn’t find the ants and were getting pretty hungry so we decided to stop and try and make food. The other orc, who I had tried to recruit in the past, started casting a spell to try and make food. Of course before he could finish, the ants we had been looking for found us. We tried to protect Ronan so he could finish our food. The ants seemed a bit touchy feely and ended up grabbing Jeremiah and running off with him (guess he shouldn’t have tried to run away and should have just fought). I ran after him to try and save him as did a couple of the others. Unfortunately splitting our efforts caused Ronan to get hit and he lost track of what he was trying to cast. In the end we managed to fight off the ants and save Jeremiah from impending doom. I’m still hungry though. That makes me sad. I can’t believe these guys came out here and didn’t have food.

"George's" Journal

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