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Day 49 (Still…)

We are preparing to make our way inside and face “Lord Siebel”. I must confess, there is much fear in my heart at the thought of our meeting. I must trust my new friends, and my own strength so that I can bring vengeance to those who ruined my family.

the remainder of the entry is streaked with blood and several pages are missing

Day 49 (I think? Cont’d) (ooc: 4/4/2011)

I am glad that Jack accompanied me to the tavern so that I could reveal my true self and intent in Rempeln.

I don’t wish to delay their mission, but finishing my business will allow me to more clearly focus on the bigger picture, whatever my part is to play.

We sought out the retired Captain of the guard in order to learn the identity of the Blade, and strangely enough, Zek was also there seeking Enduar.

I thought to myself, how strange for Enduar to be a retired city guard… I was in for a bit of a shock.

My father WAS the Blade, also called Enduar. Righter of wrongs. Emancipator of slaves. Hero of Mighty Zekthal.

I have had the gift of time to grow accustomed to my fathers death. Zek was not afforded the same.

It makes sense now why he acceted the Siebel’s retaliation. We had been responsible. Or he was. Father. The Blade. Enduar.

A clandestine hero doing good when good just wouldn’t do in the public eye…

Now the Siebels control my city. MY city. My inheritance. My legacy. I will see them all in red. Their blood upon the desert sand.

We make for their compound immediately. They are in for a surprise…

“The Blade” has returned to settle a debt.

Day 49 (I think?) (OOC: 3/28/2011)

We have survived this alien realm known as the Botankine. It would seem that the Good Doctor has devised a means for using it as a shortcut. Time passes very strangely there. Or seems to anyway. In fact everything is strange there. I am thankful for the quick journey, but not thankful for the hardships we endured. A few of my companions were badly injured… even turned to stone. They have recovered quickly of course, but our short journey was still very taxing.

We have arrived in Rempeln and decided to split up for a few hours. I am not overly pleased with being in Rempeln. Its been years since I left and I have little love for this place. Still, I should like to find news of the family that extinguished mine, and perhaps some memory of this “Blade” who was responsible for the attack on the slave camp.

I’m assuming of course that the Blade is from the area. He could in reality be anyone from anywhere. I’m also assuming he’s still alive and actively opposing slavery. He must have been a highly capable warrior… Perhaps this friend of Zek’thal… this Enduar knows something of the Blade. I would like to meet the man responsible for provoking that wicked family of vipers into attacking my noble house.

Would I feel anger? Not exactly. Pain, yes. But I’ve made my peace with their passing. My father clung to what he believed in and refused to back down in the face of our destruction. He ensured my safety so I might one day have vengeance for our name.

I would in all likelihood thank this man for being unafraid of doing what’s right. What is right is not always safe. Doing what’s right even gets people killed. At worst, his actions were irresponsible. He attacked our enemies, who then assumed it was my family… yes, the thought of meeting the man is upsetting, even though we may need his help, but at worst his crime was failing to research the area. He was simply trying to do what he saw was right… I will meditate on this more, and hopefully I can remain at peace.

(Sometimes I wonder why I bother recording my travels. Surely I will not be remembered after I pass from this world into the Oblivion that awaits us all. Only heroes and villains are remembered after their time, and I’m too cowardly to be a hero, and too weak to be a villain.

Perhaps though, something I jot down here will become useful to me in the future… but I doubt it. )

Day 47: (OOC: 3/14/2011)

I’ve finally arrived in Sursia. My journey would have been more enjoyable had I had traveling companions.

In any case, I am here to return an artifact which I believe to be important to the Anuarian people. They are a proud race, and I have a hunch that an authentic piece of their history will fetch a pretty penny at least.

It is a most exquisite piece. A jewel encrusted statuette of an Anuarian Paladin. It was my understanding that this was forbidden long ago, which leads me to believe that this artifact is exceedingly old, or heretical in nature.

I think I’ll spend some time poking around the city for a potential buyer (Perhaps one of these captivatingly attractive humans guarding the place would be interested?). It’s been a long day. Might as well grab a pint and start my search at the Inn.

Day 48:

I’m not sure how or why I agreed to this (The Doctor has a way with words), but I have been hired on to lead a “team” (used loosely) of explorers/adventurers/trouble makers to the location at which I found the Anuarian artifact. It seems they have undertaken a mission to stop “the Masters” from killing the Gods. It seems laughable to me. The gods would have to exist for that to happen… but the Anuarian seems to genuinely believe he’s spoken to his Goddess. At the very least, they all believe themselves to be doing the right thing, and if I help them and aid them in doing good for the world, perhaps I can honor my father’s memory…
We have entered something the Good Doctor calls the Botankine in order to travel more quickly. It’s really quite an ingenious exploitation of Arcane mathematics. This Botankine has proved to be quite dangerous however, and several of my new companions were seriously injured. Hopefully we have them back up and ready to travel soon.

P.S. It seems my notes on the flora, fauna, and history of Ostrav are of great benefit to my companions… hopefully I’ve made a good impression.
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