Kain's Journal


Es beginnt…

I was posed with a question that made me really think recently. My fellow companion, Jeremiah, “was a bullfrog”, Bogrunner, asked me why I was chosen to be my god’s chosen mouthpiece. It occurred to me that what I am doing is something totally unique and possibly world changing. For this reason, I think I shall begin chronically my life so it can be reflected upon in centuries to come accurately. I shall seek to write the happenings of my life as well as the thoughts I had on it.

To begin, I shall first explain where we are when I begin this journal. My companions really came together at the rest stop of Tulufan, located in the waste lands, where we were exposed to our first race that also followed the almighty god Bob, the Anienian. They had a test from Bob which everyone passed except for myself. I believe Bob did not think my faith was strong enough and sought to teach me a lesson in humility. From there we left via caravan to the rest stop of NEED TO UPDATE, however we were attacked en route and never made it to our destination. The entire caravan was destroyed and only my companions and one other, named Tuck, survived the attack.

At this point my motley crew was made of 6 people. An unfortunate soul named “George” is the first person I shall introduce you to. “George” entered our party to assist with a fight we were undertaking between two warring factions. He agreed to help us if we agreed to help him fight with the dwarves. Ronan, is a mighty orc caster who is somewhat a rare breed and has brought many twists and turns to our band. Zekthal Siegebreaker is an other orc that has done much to bring honor to his name with his cause, ending bondage or servitude of others. Ty’nak is an amazingly patient monk that can do much in the way of physical feats. Finally, I shall mention the person that has brought this journal into being, Jeremiah Bogrunner. Jeremiah, is a fellow follower of the gods of old and I hope that through our combined efforts we will be able to bring the light of knowledge to the world.

At this point we were stranded in the wastelands and needed to find shelter from the attacks that had destroyed our caravan. We found it in a petrified forest where a dryad named Kathryn explained that there was a great evil attacking her forest. We sought out this evil and discovered that it was none other than some sort of self-activating werewolf. We defeated the wolf, but not before he was able to inflict a tainted bite upon “George”. “George” ultimately ended up becoming a werewolf and was left in the care of Kathryn. Kathryn then set us up with travel to the dwarven lands through the trees, via some sort of inter-plainer link.

It was on this journey that we met The “Good” Dr. Arkham West. He was a resident of the plain we were traveling through and assisted us on our journey through his very “unique” plain. He joined us on our journey, I believe, to study our world. As near I can tell he is some sort of scholar, however he employs tactics of study that are very unorthodox from all I have seen to date.

After we traveled through the plain we headed to the village of North Tulduroc. While on the road to the town we found a broken down cart and offered to assist the lady that owned the cart in getting it to town. She took our help, somewhat ungreatfully, and we proceeded on our way. However, our journey was cut short when she discovered that Ronan was an orc caster, it should be noted in the records that Ronan was advised to steer the conversation away from the topic by myself and instead openly told her when asked. When Stacey, the woman being helped, found this out she summoned, or became – it is unclear, a “master”, which is a race that was expelled from the continent during the the war that created the wasteland. Since that engagement, we have been plagued by these masters.

A reprieve came when a gnome named Glim invoked a boon to stop the the attacks on us from the masters. However, it came at a price. That price was knowledge, knowledge that the masters seek to retake this continent. Glim explained that the continent was divided, some parts were even warring with each other, and that in this state we would easily be taken over by the masters who would then subjugate all of our races as they had in the past. He suggested that if we could unify all the nations and factions of this continent we might be able to put up a resistance good enough to halt the invasion in its tracks.

Armed with our new knowledge we continued on our way to the dwarven lands. However, we seek no longer to ally with the dwarves, but to stop the fighting they are doing with the Kobold nation. Hopefully, we shall be able to overcome the adversity that has existed between these nations for well over a century. Unfortunately, we need to overcome the adversity that has plagued us now. While repelling an attack on the ship we were using to get to the dwarven lands two of our companions were slain. Ronan, the very reason for our quest, and Jeremiah, the reason for this log, fell after a valiant effort. I believe that, just as Bob saw fit to have me fail my test, Bob is trying to prepare us for the days to come. I trust that the “Good” Dr. (TGD) will be able to breath life into these two once again. I think I shall try to aid him in his attempts with my blessings from Bob. If these two cannot be saved, then I shall mourn their losses deeply.


Kinda Dead

After the untimely departure of my two companions TGD made good on his offer to bring the two back to life. He required some supplies from a town we stopped at and tended to the bodies to prepare them for this ritual. Once ready he called all of the spell casters, to be noted that is everyone but Tuck, into the room with the bodies. After a very exhausting trial and error process we managed to open a portal to the land of Limbo.

With great fortune, and possibly by some handy calculations of TGD, we came out of the portal right next to our friends. However, we had these strange silver threads attached to our bodies. It appeared that this thread was some sort of link from our realm to this one and possibly some sort of weakness. After our heartfelt hellos, we made our way along the road in the direction of our silver strings, when our dear friend TGD got his foot swallowed by a paving stone! The stone opened up and let him fall through, before closing around his leg again!

This set off an unfortunate chain of events that would place Zekthal Siegebreaker and my life in extreme peril. TGD decided that since he was too weak to break the stone from his leg, or pull his leg from the stone, that he would use magic to augments himself. This had the fortunate affect of creating a means for him to become mobile again, but the unfortunate effect of creating some sort of sound – much akin to a beacon. Shortly after his spell we were… “greeted” by these men with amazing weapons and two faces, one on each side of their bodies.

These men were glorious beings whose purpose was to assist souls from our plane to the afterlife. They were very well spoken and very professional, I dare say I envied the way they carried themselves. However, the simple fact remained, we came to take these souls back to our world and the men had a directive that was rather opposite in every way to that. This caused the men to attack us and attack us they did! A key to the land of Limbo is that it is comprised, I believe, solely of paths suspended by a force unknown to me. However, on the edge of the path is nothing but a straight fall down, presumably to another path.

The men implored tactics that seem only custom tailored to their surroundings. They would create great holes in the paving stones of the pathways to reduce the available foot space and then would travel via teleportation. After that fancy display they used superhuman strength to push us off the path, via the nearest edge or hole. It was a truly masterful display of cunning and raw ability. Zek and myself managed to corner one, but to no avail! Their two faces made their combat reflexes unlike any I have ever experienced, the man we cornered fought both of us off as though the other wasn’t even there!

This led to the very unfortunate event of both Zek and I being pushed off the edge of the path to plummet to our dooms. TGD attempted to save us, but our efforts to open the portal left him to weak to complete the spell and we continued to fall. Only at the very last moment did he get the spell off to at least catch me, but poor Zek was still falling. With reflexes only available in extreme peril did I produce a rope and throw it to him. Zek caught the rope and was brought to safety by the spell TGD cast upon me.

When we arrived back on the path with our friends we found the battle had expired. I was much disappointed that I could not test my metal against these amazing creations some more. However, the life of my very respected friend Zek was a far greater reward than any exchange of blows with these creatures could have ever afforded me.

We were able to traverse the portal back into the land of the living successfully. From there I kept a vigil over the two until they regained their senses. Ronan appears to have risen first, this is a good sign that our journey into the land of Limbo was for good effects. I patiently await the arousal of my other companion Jeremiah Bogrunner.


Really Dead

(Blood stains the page on this date)



Much has happened since I last wrote. The reason for my long departure was that I was unable to write my journal due to an untimely series of deaths on my part. However, I am back and I have been touched by the face, no the faceS of the gods. I am getting ahead of myself though.

When I last wrote I was awaiting the arousal of my two recently dead companions. They both woke and had great stories to tell of the gods. It seems that in their time spent dead, the gods saw it fit to speak with each person. Ronin was approached by his god and Jeremiah was also approached, though it has not become clear what deity approached him at this time. The two seem willing to share that they had an experience with the gods, but reluctant to share the full details of their conversation. With that we shall continue with the time line.

We made land fall without further incident and found our way to the dwarven trading post. We managed to secure a spot on a caravan to the dwarven capitol and departed town. While on the trade rout we were ambushed by a caravan of Goblins that dressed like dwarven travelers. They blew up the caravan, the pathway, and even themselves! It seems like a very dishonorable way to die, but it has come to my attention that they feel that this is the best way to serve the war effort against the dwarfs. From the initial attack a secondary force was dispatched upon a nearby hill, I assume to make sure everyone died. After being attacked by an awesome projectile of fire and explosives we managed to seek parley.

We explained our goal to unite the nation’s races against the evil of the Masters. The Goblins were, of course, skeptical and would agree to transport us to their capitol, but only if we agreed to being sedated. With nothing to hide or fear, we submitted to their demands and were taken off to the Goblin capitol. Once there we tried to explain our, and their for that matter, plight. However, we were quickly reminded of our inability to prove this claim or our loyalties to the Goblin people. In order to prove our tongues true we were subjected to a proving. In this we were attacked by a horde of spiders and expected to triumph. We took heavy injuries and I tried to heal TGD, but he seemed to get worse. When I prayed harder for my healing magics he got worse still! After that I do not remember anything of the fight.

I awoke to be in the presence of the Goblin god “Halalalaa” with TGD. Halalalalaa explained that the Goblins were compelled by him to fight the dwarven race, but a far larger threat was plaguing the gods and the world – the Masters. Halalalaa explained that if we did not stop the Masters they would try to walk upon the plane of the gods and usurp them. However, without the knowledge possessed only from being born on the plane of the gods the Masters would never know how to maintain the world, or the universe. This lack of knowledge would cause the world of Vesmir and all of the other planes to be ripped apart killing all life, including the Masters. Halalalalaa also explained that under normal circumstances the gods would be able to fight this threat themselves. However, due to their lack of followers their powers were diminished and their champions, the Orcs, were divided and uneducated on their purpose, defenders of the gods.

From there we departed the realm of the gods asking only one last thing, proof of our visit with Halalalalaa. To this we were told to say that we were the “Multiheaded beast”. When TGD and I arose from our superhuman slumber we were surrounded by goblin guards. They were rather… “surprised” by our ability to get up from sleep. I believe I overheard one of them saying something about swearing we were stone cold dead. From this, I realized TGD and I must have died like my other companions. We were immediately, and with a bit of a fuss, escorted to the King’s council chambers. Once there we found our companions actively partaking negotiations with the Goblin king.

I waited to see what was going on and when I thought that the negotiations were taking a turn for the worst I stepped in. It seems that Ronin thought that there was only one god, but known by many names to all the races. He associated his experiences with his god as an experience with the Goblin god. I could not let him continue on this course of unknowing lies. I stepped in with the assistance of TGD to relate our story from Halalalalaa. Things were beginning to look up for us, but it seems that Ronin did not understand what TGD and I were discussing and sought to silence the two of us. The no good “warrior”, if he is worthy of being called that, Jack went as far as to try and tackle me to silence my mouth. With the grace only given by the gods I was able to easily and effortlessly parry his advance upon his supposed ally (this act confirms my suspicions of his loyalties to our cause). Due to this set back our cause was set back greatly. To cut a long story short, we managed to secure a cease fire on the Goblin side in exchange for one from the dwarfs.

Before we left we were given Goblin equipment and I had my GODSABER worked on by the Goblins to gain benefits in combat, I still do not know what those are at this time. We were also given an ability to navigate to the Dwarven lands. Once there we were “greeted” the dwarven sentries made of stone. They came to life once Jeremiah decided to launch a projectile at them to “see if they were alive”. I really should have a talk with him about his tactic of assess the condition of his surroundings. This of course lead to their attack on our party when we found they were very much alive. The battle was going well for us, but the statues had a mobility that was unusually agile for ones of their size. They managed to flank us and one cornered me and let loose a single blow that split my body down the center line.

This untimely, and mistakable, death caused me to come in contact with gods once again. It seems that this time the gods were all present. I was approached by Bob and the goddess of forgiveness Hemia (spelling- actually I only remember she was an H to be honest FIX ME). Bob was concerned about my devotion to him and offered to allow me to switch my allegiance to the goddess of forgiveness. I refuted this offer without hesitation. Bob is the only god for me and I shall have to strive harder to be a true man of Bob. I still believe this is the test that shall prepare me to bring the gods back unto the world. Once Bob heard my decision he told me that he had no choice, but to punish me for my actions against his name. I have been reduced to the way I was before Bob aided me with his divine powers and my ability to heal others has been severely curtailed. This was a blow that hit hard, I know I have failed in Bob’s eyes, but to have it materialize before my eyes has been a humbling experience.

I have come to understand that the gods are in council to fight the Masters together, however they have not given up their identities or motives. Halalalalaa advised me in ways that were evil and it was my responsibility as a scion for Bob to see the evil from the needs of the gods. However, I also understand that I am supported by the entire council of gods as well. The Goblins effects on my godsaber are gifts I am allowed to, if not expected, to use to combat the Masters. I somehow was chosen to be the champion for the gods return and their fight against the Masters. With this knowledge I have been able to call upon my godsaber in Halalalalaa’s name.

This came in handy because when Bob sent me back we were expected to attend another proving for the dwarf leaders. We were able to handily dispatch their challengers and win their approval. After much discussion, somewhat repetitive arguments, with the Dwarven leader we were able to secure their assistance against the Masters. It seems that the Dwarfs and Gnomes are a somewhat unified group that respect and work with one another. The agreement we came to was for the Dwarfs to construct a Gnomish invention to transport troops across the continent on metal rails. To solidify the ceasefire between the dwarfs and the goblins we escorted a shipment of metal to the goblins (in hopes of gaining their metals). With this tentative solution we left the dwarfs to start construction.

We are now heading to the land of the Trolls to seek their assistance. This does not seem to be any easier for us. As it turns out our favorite arrow slinger Jeremiah massacred an entire Troll village for a blood feud. We have not figured out a solution to his crimes, but we must press on. I fear this as we are dreadfully close to the Troll’s lands.

As if that weren’t enough, Bob did give me a parting warning that still rings in my ears. Bob was losing strength and would not be able to send me back from the land of the dead anymore and that I should cherish my life a little closer than I have so far. Knowing Jeremiah’s crimes, it seems that battle is almost inevitable…


The Will of the Gods

There is little in the way of activity these past few days. We have mainly been traveling from the dwarven lands to the lands of the trolls. It seems the Goblins are divided though. In our travels we were ambushed by a large mechanically operated contraption. At the helm was a goblin that chastised us for halting their war on “the fungus” (a reference to the Dwarfs) and then proceeded to attack us. It seems that others also shared his feelings as many of them piled out of this machine.

In total we might have killed 30-40 goblins, an alarmingly high number for a race that is supposed to be unified. They attacked us with the same ferocity as they would the dwarfs. They used their dishonorable exploding suicide tactics on us. Those blasts hurt, but were mainly annoying. The real foe was the machine. It had an arm made for felling trees, but turned into a rather nasty weapon when it swung upon us. Through sheer will power, we managed to turn the tide of battle and destroy the machine.

I do not worship Halalalaa, but I morn for the loss of his followers. I know they believed they were doing his will, but it seems that they were led astray. Are we not impressing upon the gods’ subjects their will well enough? Are their subjects so far removed from their god that they will not even listen to the signs their god sends to them? I hope that I will be able to bridge this gap in the future. I see this as a failing on my part and hope that I can live up to the challenge of expressing the will of the gods better.


A Humbling Experience

It seems that our travels have brought us to the lands of the Trolls, or should I say that they found us. After wrestling with some wild bog beasts that ambushed us we were greeted by a young Troll hunting near us. He was more than hospitable, although he did pose a concern over Jeremiah’s presence. He agreed to take us back to his “ma” to discuss our news.

Upon arrival the hospitality evaporated like a rain drop in the desert. Our guide, Mike, was reprimanded for bring us and the entire village disappeared into their houses within mere moments. We were “greeted” by a seasoned war vet who could easily hold his own against many a foe at a moments notice. We found this out first hand with Jeremiah decided to lie to him about why he came and how he knew us. With the swiftness and grace of a cat he had subdued Jeremiah and before we could react had his wrists broken and tied together in a bow. Thank the Good Doctor this was not a permanent arrangement for Jeremiah’s wrists.

It seems that any credit we could have possessed was lost upon the lie Jeremiah told. This lead to our present condition. In order to receive any kind of consideration in, at least, this troll community we need to preform a great deed for them. It seems that a blight plagues the town every night and these monsters cannot be seen and possibly cannot be killed. After they are done they take some of the villagers and begin anew the next night. We were told that the towns only defense were two warriors, one of which clearly has very good knot tying skills, and that they cannot leave the town to stop this plight. They have, however, located an old crypt which they believe to be the source of the uprising. The crypt is the tomb of a great troll leader, known mostly for his cruelty and his fondness for the art of necromancy.

When we first entered we were met by a great challenge that exhausted most of our casters with little gain. We were in a great room that was filled with five columns, four in the corners and one in the middle. The middle column did not rise the length of the room but rather stopped a little less than halfway. Above that column was an orb sparking lightning. After taking in the bizarre centerpiece for a seemingly empty room we found that the room began to flood. As it flooded we became acutely aware of why the orb of lightning was placed where it was.

We managed to gain an escape from the room when Ty’nak bravely forged a path to the opposite side of the room and out into a hallway. Held by some magic the water did not follow us into the hall, but yet we were allowed to pass unhindered. Without taking much time to assess this oddity we forged on and came to what looked to be a laboratory of some kind. We found two trolls strapped to a table and in apparent pain. I rushed in to aid them only to find that, against their will, they could suck my mana and life force out of my body. Once out of my body it somehow repaired the damages done to them. After one of them was fully healed he jumped off the table in a fit of rage and struck at Zek and myself with a great deal of force behind each blow. Shortly the other troll was up and doing much of the same. We managed to subdue them at the cost of their lives though. It seemed to me that they may have been lost long before the fight began.

It is in these unholy walls that I write this entry. We have a bit of down time as TGD is attempting to inventory some of the contents of the laboratory. I believe he might think something in this wretched place could do us some good and to his point some of the contents have. The undeserving and treacherous Cap’n Jack seems to have found a new weapon that conceals itself inside his body and Ty’nak has been given fists of some sort that aid in unarmed battle. I do not like this evil place and I would not like to linger much longer, but alas I shall give TGD the time he requests. He has always acted with great effect in the past when I do not understand and I trust in him now. If he thinks good can come of this place then I shall expect it will.



It seems that after we were done in the laboratory we realized we were in a dead end. We went back through the water filled room and onto another path that was connected to the room. This lead us to some oddities. The first room we came to was full of constructed soldiers of various sizes and a forge for creating them in the back. A very odd thing was in the middle of the room though, there was some sort of liquid filled column with entities made of light swimming around and a note stating not to break the column in Frog tongue.

The beings wanted to be freed, we found this out when we took on out of the solution and it stated this before entering TGD’s head. I’m not entirely sure what happened at that point, only that TGD raised a hammer to one of the constructs. I feared that he might unleash some pent up magic and that he might have been possessed by the entity so I threw myself at him to stop him. When I had him under control he cast a spell to free himself from my grasp which caused me harm. This coupled with the fact that he was just accosted by some sort of spirit creature makes me concerned for his safety. This place is full of evil and even the good creatures have been twisted into evil abominations. I hope he is not just the latest statistic, I shall need to keep my eye on him.

When questioned he said that he was just experimenting with them. Normally, I would not question him but the circumstances surrounding this “experiment” do not sit easy with me. He also usually states his intentions prior to doing anything and this time he did not. Either way, we all agreed to leave the room and continue our saga. We came to anther room where we were ambushed at the door by these constructs.

We were attacked immediately by three different types, about eight in total, of constructs. Two were of a large stature, two were some sort of healing units, and the last four or five were normal sized constructs with short handless arms that shot huge exploding projectiles. Zek has my deepest admiration as he took on the two large constructs almost exclusively by himself. This allowed us to get around them to attack the Heal Bots. By the time the large Brute Bots realized the peril the Heal Bots were in it was too late. We felled the Heal Bots we were able to start taking out the rest with relative ease. This is not to say the battle was not hard fought. They fought to the last man and often were self sacrificing in their assaults, which was a bit unexpected. I write this as I tend to the wounds of my comrades, it seems that we are all spent and we have yet to deal with the evil that actually plagues the village. I am concerned over our tactical situation. I think that it would be prudent for us to be more vigilant and possibly scout ahead more to take some advantage away from our enemies. I must change some bandages, so I will draw this to a close.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

As we made our way through the chambers of this evil tomb we had the fortune of meeting one who claims responsibility for the attacks. He also says that his goals are in line with our goals, or so he has heard. He explained that he is making an army of abominations to rise up against the masters and has been using the trolls as a template.

He explained that our exploits make us a better template and that he would like to model the newer versions after us(a form of flattery I could do without). We agreed to “test” out his new design, essentially a replica of ourselves, if he would commence cessation of attacks upon the town we came down to help. After this agreement we were allowed ample time and accommodations to heal our wounds and prepare for battle.

The battle was very unique. Some aspects proved to be far more challenging than others, for example we could not identify our doubles, as they were shrouded if not created in an unholy blackness, and thus could not aim our attacks upon the best targets. A monster was also summoned and we had trouble besting it while it handily dispatched some of our best fighters. We experienced the falling of our comrade Ty’nak in the battle, but this gave us renewed vigor to end the fight. After killing all but one of our doubles the battle was drawn to an end by our “host”.

At this point Ty’nak was brought back to life and we were promptly told that he did not think we did a good enough job. Despite our “poor” performance he left stating that our next battle, a battle that was NOT agreed upon, would be against an improved version of ourselves. After that we were given time to heal our wounds and prepare for the next battle…


A Harrowing Experience

It seems that past few months have been a blur. After our battles with whatever owned this place we were able to show to him that real people, not constructs, are the best way to do battle. It seems that this creature, as I found out later was a former leader of the Trolls, is intent on fighting the Masters as well. He has offered to give us aid in a sanctuary. He provided us with a means to teleport back to this place and opened its great facilities to us.

This has caused me some issues with my memory. It seems that I have had trouble remembering exactly what has occurred between that time and now. I believe it has to do with getting used to teleporting. I know we have used the sanctuary two or three times now and each time we have came back very badly injured. It was on one of these times that we were greeted by Tuck and his mentor who was gravely injured.

Tuck informed us that the Masters may have already infiltrated the Halfling society in the form of traders. It seems that things do not look good for us on that front. We managed to heal Tuck’s mentor, but it cost him his leg. He seemed to take it well stating that your legs aren’t that useful when riding a worm anyway. Tuck now has a worm as well and has been using it to great effect for our cause.

We have ventured to the Troll capitol where we found the Trollish leader has retired to a life of revelry. Unfortunately we must wait for the elections to occur before we can gain any help from the Trolls. Zek and Tuck managed to get us lined up to fight a creature that would gain us great renown and respect in the eyes of the Trolls. We fought hard and were rewarded amply. This should make negotiations with the new leader go smoother for us.

I am about to embark upon a court session against Jeremiah. It seems that he does not want to fulfill his end of an arrangement to make his stay in the swamplands legitimate. It is a shame he needed to be forced into the issue and I certainly do not look forward to this trial.


Bob’s Divine Wisdom

After finding Jeremiah in permanent legal limbo I had to concede to let him remain in swamplands. We managed to meet with and pursued the the new leader of the Trolls to lend her most elite units as an insertion force for our cause. We all agreed that this was a most worthy addition due to the Trolls power of regeneration.

Once we established this new ally we moved onto the Anurians. This visit turned out to be brief as we discovered the Anurians are working hand in hand with the Masters. Jeremiah seemed surprisingly ok with the potential of going to war against his own people. I think he is in a state of denial and shock.

We met a historian in the bar and he has agreed to aid us. It seems that he knows the location of a potential gateway to the gods in the waste. I think this might be the same gateway that the Masters are looking for. He is a bit of an odd fellow, he fights more through telling us how best to defeat the foe at hand. He also does a lot of writing even though sometimes I feel it’s a bit out of place. His inquisitive nature is refreshing though. Hopefully he will be able to write about the great works of Bob.

Speaking of Bob, I have been honored by his presence recently. Bob has tried me and found me fit to be his disciple once more. He has seen my repentance and knows the struggles that lie ahead. I believe he has restored my powers because I and my companions will need them in the days to come.

Currently I am seeking out Zek’s master in the town of Rimpeln. I cannot wait to meet the man that has touched my dear companion so.

Kain's Journal

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