Magic Users

There are 3 types of “casters” in this game. Caster types are based on the primary stat (int, wis, or cha).

Each stat corresponds to 3 “proficient” components, and 3 “non-proficient” components.

Int (wizards) Proficient – Conjure, Metaspell, Damage Non-Proficient – Enhance, Heal, Illusion

Wis (cleric/paladin/ranger) Proficient – Enhance, Heal, Protect Non-Proficient – Conjure, Damage, Metaspell

Cha (sorcerer/bard) Proficient – Control, Illusion, New Power Non-Proficient – Divination, Movement, Protect

If you are “proficient” then component costs are the same as in Monte Cook’s World of Darkness (the source book), if you are “non-proficient” then component costs are 2x, if the component is not listed under your primary stat, you pay 1.5x the cost listed in the source book.

Hybrid casters – Bards count as half their level (round down, min 0) for determining # of components per day. Paladins/Rangers count as 1/4th their level (round down, min 0) for determining # of components per day.

Psionics – Psionics are allowed, though they will be regulated by me. A duplicate of Glim will not occur (though the other psionic classes; psionic warrior, lurk, mindblade, etc will have minimal regulation).

Casting Spells –
In order to cast a spell, you simply choose the effects you wish the spell to have from the various components. Add the “cost” for each component together. This gives you the component cost of the spell. The next step, assuming you have enough components to cast the spell, is to attempt a spellcraft check, the DC = 0 + cost of the spell + exhaustion rating. If you succeed, the spell goes off. If you fail, you do not use up any components. After this, your exhaustion rating increases based on the spell cost. Your exhaustion rating increases by (spell cost – 10 – caster level).

Example: A level 10 caster attempts to cast a spell that uses 23 components. Assuming he succeeds, his exhaustion rating would increase by 23 – 10 – 10 = 3. This means the DC for any other spells he casts today would be increased by 3.

Exhaustion rating also has other affects on a character. As a character begins to wear themselves out by casting, the physical fatigue can affect more than just their ability to sling spells. If their exhaustion rating exceeds 1/2 of their con, they are “fatigued”. If their exhaustion rating exceeds their con, they are “exhausted”. If their exhaustion rating doubles their con, they pass out and are unable to be awoken for at LEAST 24 hours.

Magic Users

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