The trolls are a race of humanoids who are slightly greenish in color are currently in an uneasy ceasefire with the anuraians in the Berling Swamp. They are militarily anti-religion (note, they believe that the “God” of the anuraians exists, but do not believe it to be worthy of worship). They are found through out the world, their ability to regenerate faster than normal encourages them to explore and travel.

They are not accepted nearly as much as the anuraians. Trolls outside of the Berling Swamp are not as anti-religion, and instead tend to just keep their views to themselves.

Trolls are a playable race.

Troll Stats:
-2 dex, -2 cha
Medium Size
Faster Healing (ex) – regenerate 1 hit point per 2 rounds to half max health.


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