Ty'nak's Meditations

This past trip to the realm beyond has given me much to think about… I believe this was a trial for me along my path of self-discovery. In that realm where the mind and soul rule I have proof that my will is strong. I was able to reach that state where will and action were one. This is what I have been looking for, the secret that has eluded my progress in creating my own style. I think that now I shall being working on a spell that will focus my magic inward instead of outward. My magic will not give me strength, it will not protect me with raw force. Instead I will turn thought into action, I will move like shifting sands in combat; not with raw force but with purity of purpose, that is where true strength lies…

The burning in my veins is fading, those swarm’s venom is very clever. I wonder what they hunt that would make them devolpe a toxin that reacts to magic like that? Perhaps they are something that the goblin’s have breed specifically for that purpose. That would be very useful against the Masters… if we ever get this crazy Alliance off the ground. That maybe hard to do concidering the Grand Archetects of this plan can’t come to an agreement. It is similar to having a merchant caravan stareing at a river. Everyone knows that they must cross, but no one can agree on how to do it. Wade thru? Build rafts? Construct a bridge? Let hope that the river doesn’t flood and drown us all before we can decide.

Glim… I can see why you have Ronin and Zek trying this grand task. One is some sort of Chosen One and the other is an excellent example of what the orcs could become… but the rest of us? We must have a part to play… we just need to find out what.

Looking at the rubble of the dwarven guardian, the broken form of Kain, our new Goblin “toys” I have but one conclusion: We’re doomed.

No sooner do we deal with one crazed cross breeding obsessed monarch than we find his bearded cousin. Why do I think that the other races will be just as co-operative… At times it seems like we’ve never left the desert, we’re still wandering, lost, chasing mirages of safety. Isn’t destiny suppose to be a path one walks down? No one ever warned us that the path wasn’t straight. What we need is a clear and definite sign that we are succeeding. We need one of these races to see what it is we are trying to do, to give their full support. We need them not to make token gestures of aid that may or may not hold when the time comes. The only race I can see doing that is the orcs… but even then only because it is their only chance at freedom. I fear that Zek and Ronan are so concerned about freeing their people that they will not take the time to consider how to go about it, even Kain seems to believe that they should be free by the quickest means possible. That path though leads to war, a war we can not afford and that may play straight into The Masters hands. I have to be the one that thinks ahead, I need to find a way to solve these problems before we get to them. sigh This is not going to be easy.

Let it be said that there is not much wisdom in heroism but there is much pain. I think that was the worst beating I’ve ever taken includeing my training with Master Nik’cha.

I wonder what those Hobgoblins were doing here? Perhaps they can be used as a convient “threat” to unite the Anurians and Trolls against a common foe. Granted we may want to get those spell crushing Hobgoblins on our side instead. That is a the problem; we keep having to talk to people that have been waring for so long that they are unwilling to set aside their differences. I fear that there will come a time when we will not be able to reconcile those differences and our fledgling alliance will be forced to chose who joins the fold… and who gets left behind on the other side.

Well, the goblins must include some of those monstrosities in the battle against The Masters.

There seems to be disention in the ranks. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. I am afraid that when the time comes we will have to see who actually honors their agreements and heeds our call. So far it would appear that the races will only begrudingly give aid and support to this coalition. What we need is for one group to believe, to be the keystone that holds the others together. We need a group that everyone respects. The Orcs will most support this alliance with great passion once they realise that the path to freedom lies with it… unfortunatly they do not have the respect that is required. Maybe the humans, or the elves if they were real. The merchantile halfling could work… though I am loathe to admit it.

It is such a narrow path we walk.

Those creatures were incredible predators. It was interesting to see such great pack hunters at work. There were so much different from the worms and other creatures of the wastes. This entire environment is so different, yet so similar. Both appear to be dangerous, hot, and filled with races that wish to kill eachother. My home is just dryer and less messy.

So it looks like we are going to disquise our “Frogga” friend and hope that our ruse is not discovered. That should hopefully give us the time to make our plea to the trolls. Once we have that established we can get the other side on board.

It seems odd to me that all the races seem to be paired up against eachother. The halflings and Thy’krin. The goblins and dwarves. The trolls and anurians. Does anyone have any alliances with anyone else? Perhaps in the south? Only time will tell if the current state of things change.

This pit seems to be my personal version of hell. Underground, cold, damp, and full of unnatural things. At least my eye insures that it won’t be dark as well. I wish we could get back to the Wastelands, there I understood the order of things.

To the situation at hand; with the last of my magic gone it is time for me to see if my body is as perfected as my mind. smiles Here at the edge of survival is where we will be tested. Only when one pushes beyond their limits do they learn if they are able to walk the path of perfection. I believe that this will be most enlightening for all involved, even thoses that don’t realize that they are walking the path.

It was a dream? I feel weaker. This is not going to go well. Whomever our captor is it seems that they will only be done “testing” their creations when we are all dead. The question now is if we will serve the greater good by dying here to make a better construct army and hope that The Voice’s intentions are as it says. It could be creating this army to conqure the land before The Masters get here.

No. We must escape. If The Voice wishes to fight The Masters then it will realize that it can do a bette job of that with us alive and working towards an alliance. If it is too persistant in finding “perfection” for its creations than we will have to deal with it and see if the good doctor can make use of the prototypes in this lair.
CSo it would appear that what I feared was correct. We are here untill we die “perfecting” this voice’s army. We still do not seem to be able to communicate beyond it reasuring us that it has stopped attacking the trolls. We need to get out of here.

Our new understanding of our magics should help. I seem to have finally found the connection to the wastelands that I have sought for so long. With this I may find a way to navaigate it one day. First, I need to navagate my friends into a way out of here.

Those earth born creatures were interesting. They seemed to have us in a tight spot, but we were able to turn the tides once we were able to go on the offence. I think that I shall have to remember that strike where I combined the distructive power I channel from the wastes with a negative energy spell. It was most effective. If I have a moment before battle I should prepare that those attacks so that I can bring ruin to our foes.

Flesh devouring plants with walking fruit… These swamps are strange beyond words. The wastes made more sense and they had giant carnivours worms! Still we must finish the work with the trolls or this whole venture will be for not. The Masters have been more subtle and proactive than we had hoped. They move to secure allies of their own. I do not think they do this to add to their strength, but to rob us of the potential strength they offer…

Robbed of my body and trapped in a worthless trinket… I wonder if this is what a dijin feels like. Well I am sure we will be imprisioned. We’d make good slaves, especially if that enchanter can keep us pacified. It’s either that or they execute us publicly. “Savage bandits” attacking them in broad daylight, they can’t take that challenge to thier authority. Plus giving us over the the justice system proves that they are just humble servants of the city. A hollow gesture but an important one I think. Either way we should have a small opportunity to escape…

I know one thing, when I get out of here I will not be granting anyone any wishes….

Ty'nak's Meditations

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