The Ud’Krel, or “Warriors of Virtue” were the most skilled orcish martial fighters Ostrav had ever seen. Known for wielding huge weapons (oversized in most eyes) with deadly efficiency, these champion orcs stuck fear into the hearts of any adversary. Rightfully so, for every aspect of their lives were dedicated to honing their skills in battle, their weapons becoming extensions of their own bodies. Training their minds as well as their bodies, they were made even more dangerous by their intelligence (by orc standards) in combat tactics. There was no sexism in Ud’Krel society thus female fighters were equally as deadly and feared as male orcs of the tribe. Ones rank among the tribe was counted by what they called the “Path of Honor”. Tribesmen were recognized and elevated based on great feats of battle. One began their path to honor at the age of fourteen, where they must part from the tribe and not return for four years (similar to a vision quest). During this time, they are expected to find honor in war, and return to the tribe with tales of their journey, at which point a sir-name would be appointed to them according to their deeds. Ud’Krel also practiced a crude from of tattooing. One could tell the rank of an orc by gauging the markings on their arms, which they tended to keep unarmored for that reason.


The Ud’Krel held the concept of duality in high regard. Everything about their lives, from the contrast of their orcish heritage weighed against their calm precision in battle, to the very gods they worshipped represented a dual opposing consciousness. They believed when a warrior fell in glorious battle, his spirit was lifted from this plane to what they called “The Unending Strife”, an afterlife where Hral and Feu’Gal, twin brothers of a heated sibling rivalry fought for eternity. The twins represented polar opposites of each other thus adding to the duality of Ud’Krel culture.

Cultural Notes:

The Ud’krel believed that when an orc or his opponent died in glorious battle, what was on his body (and stayed on it through the funeral process) would be carried with him to the heavens, a process they referred to as the “Ascension to Duty”. For this reason, Ud’Krel burned their fallen, and their enemies on funeral pyres, along with their belongings. Only if a suitable item could be found and “traded” out as a replacement would the fallen be stripped of their arms and armor.

Existence in the Modern World:

No one knows if the Ud’Krel still exist in modern day Ostrav, some even argue that they never were. Supporters will argue that they can trace (usually their own) lineage back to the great tribe, but being mostly illiterate and word of mouth being orcs only mode of tracking history, many have their doubts.


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