August 30th Game

26th day of the month of Jancar through the 12th of Algron. (August 23th Game)

On the 26th day of the month of Jancar we entered the town of North Tulduroc. After a week in town working on my alchemy and awaiting the return of our friend from the wilderness, we boarded a boat. The 5th day of Algron we set sail for Vahlseru in the hopes it would be the easiest route to the Dwarven city of Glavni.

Patriel, I find boats are never the easiest form of travel. The rocking of the ship quickly made me ill but I could take little time to recover since there was a lot of work to be done. I believe my duty much of the first day was merely mopping up my own stomach bile. I was happy when it finally abated.

My happiness was short lived as we were attacked on the 7th day of our journey by fish men with flaming companions. I have seen desert salamanders in my day but to put them on a boat is terrifying. I was longing for my mount as we fought. My companions were being downed at a fast rate and I feared for us all before long. Several times during battle I had to retreat for a moment to dress my wounds. It was a vicious battle, but at least we were joined by another. While drunk, he was an acceptable combatant.

Two of our companions were downed in the battle. While the orc, Ronan Ragefang and I have never been friends, it was sad to see him fall in such a vicious manner. Unable to use his bow, due to a lack of maneuverability on the boat, the frog man, pardon my pun, croaked. I know Patriel, I should make no jokes about death but I needed to lighten my heart a bit. We all cope in different ways.

Here I sit, the 12th night of Algron, dressing my wounds when I should be celebrating. I think of the festivities that normally occur on this night and I long a bit for home.

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August 30th Game

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