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14th day in the month of Jancar.

Tomorrow I start my travels amongst the powindah as is tradition for students at my stage of education. Patriel, that old dog, told me it is my duty to write this during my sabbatical so that I may reflect upon all I learn when out in the real world. I understand our tradition of putting our practices into use in the outside world, but I am loathe to write this book. But, in my last couple of years at school I have learned to trust the old man’s wisdom. He has been around far longer and fought in many more battles than myself so there may be something to his instruction. I know he is the one I respect the most and not just because he is a friend of my father’s. Patriel has the gift of battle, just as my father has a head for business. We’ll see if any of that rubbed off on me. Seems I have a tendency for woolgathering, even in a journal. Guess that happens when I don’t know where to start.

Patriel said start at the beginning. Ok, I was born to a wealthy family and sent off to the college when I was quite young. That doesn’t sound interesting at all.

Start over: I was born to Danner and Eloise of the Underbank clan. I am the third of six children and the second son. After it was decided that my elder brother would take over the family business I was sent to the college to see if I have an aptitude for Swordmaster training. Seems I do, so hopefully I will be able to live up to the reputation of the Bashars that have come before me. Having a Swordmaster of Aquend in the family would bring a lot of honor and respect. Maybe then the Underbanks can move beyond slave trading. It pays well, but in order to move further up the ranks of the guild we need to get into better businesses.

After a student reaches a certain level of competence it is a requirement that they go among the outside world to train in more real world situations. So I have taken a position guarding members of the HMG. The usual small scale skirmishes happen often on caravans so I’m sure I’ll see some battle. Nothing I’m too worried about. Hopefully it will take us further into worm territory. One day I’ll be able to train my own worm so I can stop riding the filthy desert lizards we train on. Desert lizards. Creatures only the untrained and the old ride. Smelly things. Well, mine has served me rather well for some time. I’m sure he will eventually become worm food. Enough for today. I’m sure I won’t update my journal until something interesting happens. Until then, I travel towards my new employers.

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First Post

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