July 19th Game

21st through the 23rd of the month of Jancar.

We made our way back to the petrified forest to rest and talk with Kathryn. She told us that she may have a method of travel for us but she needed time to look into it. But as we were spending some time resting our ally George turned into a wolf creature. The fish man freaked out and shot him with an arrow. What is wrong with that thing? I approached George to find out what was wrong and as he stood his red eyes looked up at me with menace I’ve never seen before. I struck at him but obviously my heart was not into striking my friend. I missed him but he succeeded in biting me. Zek came to my aid quickly and got bit himself.

George turned completely into a wolf and started to run away. We gave chase and brought him down. Luckily we did not lose him but felt the need to bind him up. Zek and I looked at each other with the realization that being bitten may be a bad thing. When Kathryn came to speak with us our fears were realized. The disease could spread to us.

The only piece of good news: Kathryn gave us permission to the Botenkind and there was a chance on our journey through we could get the only cure we knew of: Belladona. As soon as we entered we encountered a man named Goodoctor West. His was strange and had a funny way of talking. I told him that I’d assist him at some point in the future. Did I make a deal with a devil?

After wondering aimlessly in the same two directions we closed our eyes and entered the City of Arwa. I hate the merchants in this city. They are all insufferable and found myself wandering in and out of stores. These merchants did not want to barter for anything of value. They wanted body parts, letters or my voice. There was no reasoning with these creatures.

I wanted to throw my dagger at them. Patriel, I hate losing my temper but these creatures were insane. Ultimately I did not. But lo, I wanted to.

After Kain drained himself of blood for useless flowers I had no choice but to give in to the demands of the evil, wretched little monsters. I have lost the use of a letter under penalty of death. After that I traded a toe for knowledge. I thought, ‘why not?’ Than I thought, ‘Have I gone as insane as the rest of these creatures?’ Goodoctor West has not impressed me thus far. He only confounded me. Plus he didn’t lose an appendage.

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July 19th Game

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