July 5th Game

20th day and night in the month of Jancar.

After an uneventful caravan ride, I entered the village of Tulufan. I searched about for my next job and I got a position protecting a caravan going north towards the dwarven kingdom. My job was to protect the rear of the caravan due to my youth and inexperience. I considered this good since I didn’t want the front passengers to recognize me. I was introduced to my wards for the journey and my first impression is that they appeared capable in a fight. The six of them included a troll, a frog, two humans and two orcs. An interesting group of what seem like friends.

We set out but the heat started to get to one of the humans quickly and he felt a bit sick. We gave him a little extra water so hopefully he will acclimate soon. After several hours we all got a bit dried out as in wont to happen in desert.

A gigantic worm devoured the caravan and our two wormriders. I mourned their loss when I had the chance but I had a job to do. The six men in the back defended themselves nicely against the hunters but we knew we could do nothing against the worm. Its size was something I have only heard of in the legends. We ran with everything in us towards the petrified forest. The unmounted men quickly became fatigued due to the running in the sand. One of my people came out of the sand in an attempt to drive off the worm.

One of the humans made a powerful thumping sound off in the distance. The worm surfaced and followed the sound. We decided to start walking due to everyone’s exhaustion and we narrowly got to the trees after another of my brethren fell.

The petrified forest had one oak in the center of clearing that was magnificent. It is always good to find something so beautiful in the Wasteland. It was tempered with my sadness for the loss of my brothers. I will sing the song of mourning later. I still have people to protect.

A strange dryad comes out of the large tree. Kathryn introduces herself and tells us of those hunting in her forest. She asks for our help and they asked to rest. I was not in need of rest but after running in the desert many of them allowed exhaustion to take over. I watched over them for a time before I took a short rest. I am trying to bond with these powindah, but I’m not sure I truly could. I said a short desert prayer for the dead before Kathryn presented herself again.

Her masters told her they would return soon to put her forest back in order and after some questioning it was apparent that all she knew boiled down to superstition and myth. But it appears that there is a very real threat though and her dog, Bonnie led us to a cave mouth. We climbed down into the cave, in all fairness some others fell into the cave, and discovered a room full of rocks. After the human, whose name I discovered was Ty’nak, dropped off one of the rocks we were ambushed by more hunters.

My lizard proved himself in battle today. Together we dispatched quite a few of the sand dogs. I am glad there is a bard in the party to record our deeds. These men are rougher than I thought. I am started to discover that there are good warriors in other races. Perhaps if they were trained in our schools they would become just as good as us. Perhaps that would be bad for the world due to the fact they seem rather undisciplined. Maybe they will disprove me in this fact later on. Patriel was correct. I am learning quite a bit on my Hajj.

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July 5th Game

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