Sept 6th Game

15th through the 17th day of the month of Algron.

Patriel, I am starting to believe we are cursed. Every caravan we are a part of, every person we meet and every traveler we help, dies. Either by hand of enemies or at the hands of myself and my companions. I am hoping the holyman, Kain, brings us luck. Based on the last two days I wonder if his sojourn is the same as our own. I shall relate as I can.

We left the town and after resting through one evening we were attacked by crazed goblins. We fought for a bit until Goodoctor convinced them to stop and parlay. I did all I could to protect my companions since my ranged weapons are quite limited. Yes my friend, I will get a bow soon. I know you always tell me to have one, but it was this day that I truly understood why.

They sent us a sleeping potion that I deemed harmless (besides of course the sleeping) and after determining they would not hurt Lizzie, drank the potion. We awoke to find ourselves in a combat to the death with giant spiders. I remembered your lessons well and spent time helping my companions and fighting the swarms of small spiders with my torch. I am growing more adapt on the saddle and hope to have my worm soon. This journal serves and a good form of catharsis for me. Thank you for your recommendation of it.

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Sept 6th Game

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